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We Build, Operate and Promote industry-specific B2B & B2C eCommerce platforms

Resi eCom offers tailored eCommerce plateforms designed to fit any industry type and size from large B2B Multi-Vendor Marketplace down to a single Merchant B2C store.

We support Merchants, Retailers, Wholesalers and Manufacturers who aim to innovate and embrace the digital economy, to take full advantage of the digital transformation to dramatically grow their business.

Our approach to succeed with you

We propose to our customers, different solution packages based on their industry, size, and business requirements.

We offer modular Business Managed Services (BMS) based on our customers’ requirements. to operate the marketplace on their behalf.

For merchants who have specific needs and want to operate their own eCommerce, we provide consulting services to enhance the current operating business.

Our team of eCommerce experts will assess your business requirements and will define the most suitable operating model to build and operate YOUR eCommerce solution.

Our success story Buymassry.com

Buymassry is B2B marketplace dedicated exclusively to Wholesale and export of Made in Egypt products.

It is designed for Egyptian manufacturers and producer looking for:

  • Growing their exports business
  • Promoting their brands globally by reaching new buyers
  • Lowering IT and marketing costs

Buymassry is the leading B2B Marketplace dedicated to the Made in Egypt products (Alexa and Google rankings)

  • 120+ Manufacturers with 15000+ listed SKUs Made in Egypt
  • 230+ reached Geographies, +2,500,000 queries per Quarter
  • Content available in 13 languages (English, Arabic, French, German, Spanish, Chinese, …)
Reached geographies
Search queries quarterly

How it Works

Buymassry.com is a Multi-Vendor marketplace for Made in Egypt products. It facilitates matching the needs of wholesale buyers from across the globe with Egyptian Manufacturers offering.

  • We list and advertise globally products from qualified Egyptian manufacturers
  • International wholesalers can request multi-quotes for a selected product
  • International Wholesalers purchase products from the vendors or thru Buymassry’s trade team based on the vendor subscription mode

To know more visit now Buymassry.com

Buymassry.com - The Leading B2B Marketplace for Made in Egypt

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