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Your regional Marketplace in just a few Cl'iX !

  • A Multi Vendor regional marketplace to shop online from the preferred and established brands
  • An easy way to shop anytime and anywhere accessible thru a user friendly mobile application
  • A Digital space where shoppers can take a  virtual store visit using a 360 degree view
  • A unified shopping experience whether it is In-Store or/and Online
"Your Brand is our priority"
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Our Value proposition to Merchants

  • We value your LOGO to promote your virtual store and your BRAND
  • Contrary to other marketplaces, we DO NOT COMPETE with your business as we don’t resell any goods
  • We grow our business by helping in GROWING your business
  • For Premium brands we designed PREMIUM VIRTUAL STORES
  • « Unity is strength » with our community of merchants we will invest in MARKETING to ATTRACT shoppers and to CONVERT  more visits into sales
  • Our marketplace REPUTATION is our top priority. Merchants are invited to adhere and comply with MARTiX chart of QUALITY

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More about MARTIX

A world class solution for merchants

  • Is a marketplace for Multi-Vendors, Multi-Stores and Multi-Countries
  • Emphasis is on the established Brands
  • Shift to the “Click and Mortar” model offering the merchants an Online presence in addition to their existing shops
  • Allow sellers to have a wider domestic and regional markets reach
  • Enable shoppers to have all registered merchants in hand, to navigate their products, to compare prices and order through their smart phones smoothly using a one single Application
  • Propose merchants to keep the flexibility of setting up their own goods delivery mode with the option of “Cash on Delivery” payment
  • Offer a flexible subscription plan revised periodically based on the subscriber business activities

Enable a unified shopping experience

 Source Adyen, February 2017, US shoppers

Shoppers gravitate toward In-store experience for the aspects that shopping online doesn’t fulfil like touching the goods. Likewise, consumers enjoy specific aspects of online shopping where going to a store won’t suffice like to shop anytime avoiding long checkout lines, crowded mall and city traffic.

Recent studies, showed that giving consumers a seamless unified shopping experience will lead that both in-store and online shopping will increase.

63% of US shoppers confirmed that they will spend more given that they provided with a better customer experience.

Keep informed and BOOST your sales with MMEP

Martix Merchant Empowerment Program MMEP is designed for merchants who want to get updated about the latest eCommerce best practices from our experts and from our community of merchants.

Through MMEP, a monthly newsletter is dedicated to the eCommerce and online trading in general. It will spot on the global and regional eCommerce trends and provide some predictions about the market.

Beside, periodically, educational sessions with eCommerce experts can be organised for our community of Merchants

B2B/B2C eCommerce and eTrade tailored solutions

Tailored solutions for retailers (B2C), Wholesalers (B2B) or Manufacturers (B2B2C) who need  to implement eCommerce or eTrade solutions and to enhance dramatically their Online business.


For merchants or manufacturers who have specific needs and want to operate their own eCommerce or eTrade platform, we provide consulting services. Our team assist in assessing the needs and in defining the eBusiness targeted processes.  Appropriate recommendations are provided to implement the eCommerce solution.


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