Our Vision

To be the market leader for eCommerce solutions enabling a unique  ecosystem based on industry specific knowledge and on a differentiated Customer experience

Our Mission

To contribute actively into the shift toward the Digital economy and to support our customers in their eCommerce initiatives.

We will provide our customers with best practices and with innovative solutions for eCommerce and eTrade.  We help them to grow their revenue while improving dramatically their customers experience.

We will support national manufacturers to promote their goods in the local and International markets.

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Resi eCom Your eCommerce solution partner

Resi eCom team

We are an International team of passionate entrepreneurs with very complementary experiences and background.  Our expertise in various industries amassed from working in top tier management consulting, technology firms and from various businesses such as eCommerce, retail, FMCG, trade and Finance.

We have a deep understanding of the local markets and we have a solid experience to implement international standards and best practices harnessing the full potential of available technologies.

Resi eCom

International partnership

To contribute to the creation of a strong regional eCommerce ecosystem, Resi eCom setup a long term strategic partnership with INTIX a leading regional technology company. Thanks to this partnership, Resi eCom will exclusivity operate in the local market  MARTIX an innovative B2C virtual marketplace platform.

Press release attached below for further information

intix resiecom group

Press Release : INTIX and Resi eCom signed Martix Operation Agreement for Egypt

In a step toward implementing #martix global vision, and after two weeks from formal launch of the platform in Jordan, today INTIX and Resi eCom have signed a long term agreement to operate Martix #martix virtual marketplace in Egypt.

Resi eCom will serve the local merchants to establish their Online stores easily and efficiently enabling an eco system where each party will be able to exceed the own objectives and expectations.   The sellers will obtain a wider reach in one of the largest regional market with more exposure and higher sales volume at lesser operational cost where shoppers will have a differentiated experience combining the best from Online and In-Store shopping.

Marc Fakhouri, Chairman of Resi eCom, declared his enthusiasm to launch Martix operations in the very coming weeks. He emphasized on the common vision shared with INTIX regarding the growing adoption of the eCommerce across the Middle East markets. This partnership represents a great opportunity to enable in collaboration with other business partners an innovative and aggregated platform providing ultimately the merchants of a given country a higher exposure in both domestic and regional markets.

Subhi Sallam


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