The Company

Resi eCom LLC, headquartered in UAE, is part of Resilience Holding Ltd., a group of companies held privately formed in 2017 with expertise ranging from eCommerce, Digital Marketing up to innovative Digital Solutions. Resilience skills can help us as individuals and organizations to get through challenges and overcome hardship. But resilience is not something we’re born with—it’s built over years of experience working relentlessly on the same domains.

The company founders have a combined experience of 50+ working in different sectors ranging from Information Technlogy, Finance, FMCG, Retail, Manufacturing and Transport.

In recent times, unprecedented challenges raised across industries and geographies. Resi eCom, having its name and roots derived from the word “Resilience” proposes to be the trusted partner to accompany its customers into the Digital Transformation journey.

Mission & Vision

Our Culture

We are a multi-cultural team of passionate entrepreneurs with complementary backgrounds.

Our expertise in various industries amassed from working in top-tier management consulting, system integrators, technology firms, and across various sectors such as Finance, Manufacturing, Government, telecommunications, and Retail.

We have a deep understanding of both the local and international markets and we have a proven track record managing cross borders projects.

We share and embrace all as one team the corporate values and we strive to serve our customers accordingly.

International partnership

To Support the development of eCommerce initiatives in the countries and the geographical zones where Resi eCom established a presence, the team set up partnerships with leading technology providers who have proven international capabilities to provide the best eCommerce solutions and enablers tools in the market.

We strive to provide large companies and SMEs a turnkey solution to run their Online Marketplace and Store.

Contact Us

If you are looking at transforming your Online business, to adopt Digital solutions that work, check out all our services and contact today our team for any personalized assessment of your requirements.