Our Value Proposition

Consulting & Digital Marketing

We provide consulting services for Organizations aiming to define or enhance their digital strategy.

Besides, based on our successful experience in managing eCommerce platforms,  we are excited to provide our customers with added value Digital Marketing services.

We help organizations promoting their brands in one or multiple Geographical zones driving more traffic to their Marketplace or virtual shops and consequently more leads and sales.


We design and build tailored eCommerce solutions for Retailers (B2C), Wholesalers (B2B), and Manufacturers (B2B2C).

The value of our services is to provide a customized solution with rapid-time-to-market that meets our customers’ business-specific needs.

The value of our solutions combined with our expertise is to offer a unique offer binding Technica and functional capabilities to enable our customers to build a World-Class eCommerce platform.

Multi-Vendor Marketplace

We enable manufacturers, producers, and merchants to strengthen their Digital presence thru reliable marketplaces.

Sellers will be able to offer their customers and prospects an Omnichannel experience combining the best between the traditional and Online sales models.

Buyers and shoppers choose multi-vendor marketplaces over traditional sales channels as it allows them access to a wider variety of products with competitive pricing and at any time they want.

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@Resi eCom

We are the specialist of eCommerce and we support your business transformation toward the Digital economy.

Our approach is to set up an ecosystem of retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers and technology providers to enable new business opportunities while providing consumers with a better shopping experience.

How our team can help you ?

We provide out-of-the box innovative marketplace solutions to support your business and enable your transformation at light speed.

We understand that you can require as well a unique and differentiated business model. Our business consultants can assess your specific needs and propose based on your business requirements tailored solutions.

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Are you a retailer or a wholesaler looking at increasing rapidly your customers’ satisfaction, your revenue and your brand reputation? then you reached the right address!

Check out our Services and contact our team for any personalized assessment of your requirements.

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