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For merchants or manufacturers who have specific needs and want to operate their own eCommerce or eTrade platform, we provide consulting services. Our team assist in assessing the needs and in defining the eBusiness targeted processes.  Appropriate recommendations are provided to implement the eCommerce solution.


Our reference "Buymassry.com"

The leading B2B Marketplace for the Made in Egypt

  • A Multi-Vendor B2B marketplace to identify and select online from a large variety of goods from well-established manufacturers
  • An easy way to Order, to Bid or to Request Quotes anytime and from any country accessible thru a user-friendly mobile application
  • Buymassry - The leading Marketplace for the Made in Egypt

    Our Value proposition to vendors

    • We value your brands to promote your virtual store and your products
    • For Premium brands we designed premium services 
    • « Unity is a strength » with our community of vendors we will invest in Digital Marketing  to attract international buyers and to convert more visits into business leads
    • Our marketplace reputation is our top priority. Only reputed and verified vendors are invited to join or subscribe to our services

    If you are a manufacturer or a producer looking for:

    Promoting your brands and reaching international buyers?

    Exporting your goods and increasing your sales?

    Lowering your marketing cost?

    Join us today and list your company

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    Our sales team is available to respond to your queries and assist you for a smooth subscription.

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    About Buymassry.com

    A world class solution for merchants

    Connecting "The made in Egypt" to the entire world  

    For those that are keen to import quality Egyptian products to their country then look no further, at BuyMassry we ensure you a positive online experience. 

    Egypt occupies a key location in the Middle East. Just west of the Red Sea and bordering Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Libya and Sudan, Egypt is strategically located and controls vast water resources as the home of Lake Nasser and the mighty Nile river as well as the Suez Canal, a major waterway connecting the Mediterranean Sea to the Red Sea and from there to the Middle East and South East Asia.

    Egypt exports continue to grow with over 253 products ranging from Gold, Petroleum Products, to automotive, insulated wires, electronics, and textiles to name a few of the industries.

    How it Works ?

    Buymassry.com is a Multi-Vendor platform that allows you as a vendor to join an online marketplace.

    At Buymassry.com, manufacturers can expose and sell to the entire world their made in Egypt brands and products through a single storefront.

    • At Buymassry we gather independent manufacturers in our marketplace.
    • Customers can request online Quotes for each selected product OR
    • Buyers can buy directly products from the vendors who can decide to enable online selling or to keep using his traditional sales and export channels


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